Caution needs Caution. Just trust in your Devotion and do it.

We aught to use caution when it comes to caution. If doubt in your devotional characteristics seeps in, walk it out gently, and continue on your way. Spiritual devotion is often times tumultuous, and well worth every bump. Don’t fret, trust in yourself, and your good intentions (which ever is easier). That trust will help you on your path . For those of us who are on a self-declared path to spiritual development, devotion to our SELF can lead us toward an optimal direction. Be devoted, do what you do, and feel your devotion alive and growing. Do it everyday (don’t hide it). Also, think about the people around you who are part of your process. Care for your friends, family, people you meet. Try to not judge them; judgment boomerangs back around to the judge, and can get in the way of the connection to self and that trust in self we are speaking of. Discernment is different than judgment, use it wisely. Remain consistent, and respect everybody’s process. If you care to, it helps to strengthen, and cleanse the body through meditation, imagination exercises (I’ll write on this topic on next months post), prayer and exaltation. A good practice is to put good things into the body, mind, and spirit: what you read, what you eat, your sleep, your work, hobbies, etc (all influence you). Your self-devotion will lead you to the life you seek. It takes time be sure of it. Time rules, it wont be beat. So lastly, let time do its thing.