First Spiritual Exercise: Four Fold Breath.

When preparing to take on an exercises for spiritual development it is key to keep the following in mind:

1. The exercise has to be given the room to take on its own shape or expression.

2. If you decide to undertake an exercise it is recommend to make a journal entry every time you complete the exercise, for the period of time you implement the exercise. Feel free to use any mode of artistic expression, it need not be only a journal entry. What art speaks most to you? do that after you do your exercise, and if at all possible also write about it.

Leniency for self expression allows freedom, freedom to experience your truths. Its important to not judge the process, but to acknowledge it. What the journal will help do is bring the effects of the exercise to your conscious awareness, in a more palpable way. As you write about the experience of the exercise—how your thoughts and emotions evolve etc, you will sense in a visceral way how the exercise works for you. An exercise for spiritual development benefits from flowing freely, therefore every exercise has its inherent stages. Furthermore, every body’s path is unique, ever-changing and dynamic. With that said, good luck spiritual travelers and enjoy this journey.

The Four Fold Breath.

This exercise is a building block. It builds control and awareness of the breath. This aids in a plethora of areas. Specifically the settling and awareness of thoughts, and awareness of the silence within. It is said “silence is the song of the soul.” Do this exercise for the month, April I will add another component to this exercise.

Let’s begin.

1. begin by sitting comfortably and in an aware manner,

2. close your eye, or not. Whatever feels most comfortable.

3. Inhale for a count of four.

4. Hold the breath for four counts.

5. Exhale for four counts.

6. Hold for four counts.

It can be done for one, ten, or more minutes, your practice of this exercise will evolve. Good luck spiritual travelers and enjoy this journey.