Trusting your Intuition

All that intuition we carry, carries us through our journey here on earth. It teaches us to listen deeply, to love, to be passionate, and compassionate toward self and others. Intuition can be likened to a vessel, and at the same time we are vessels that carry intuition carries us along our journey here. If you feel that you are unable to listen to your intuition, I am here to remind you that that is untrue. YOU are your source of intuition. Intuition flows through you. It carries you to your greatest heights fore only you hear your intuition. No other can. So instead you can rest assured that you are intuitive and that you know it!

Yasmin Ilibeth Deliz, signing out. Till next month, stay kind.

Utah, USA

Utah, USA

The work of Forgiving

In the hearts of the conscious collective is the cry/prayer of forgiveness. If you yourself are aware of a need for forgiveness, I am with you. You do not stand alone. Forgiveness is powerful, it’s strong, it is a ‘living’ ‘breathing’ thing. It will come when you are ready, try to be patient, you are already good enough, and worthy. Timing is perfect and so are you. No worries my friend. From the littlest thing to the biggest of things, you can and want to forgive. You will and are forgiving. The process is working itself. You are okay. Keep on.

This is Yasmin Deliz, have a happy August. See you next month, and remember, stay kind.


a quick note from the writer

As always life is a matter of time and space. All is going as should. The hopes are that all the doings are carrying on, and doing further good works. The road is never ending. Then, that day comes when no more road is left. Then, the final destination has been reached. A destination point which humans may not be able to understand in its entirety. Till then, keep riding on.

This is Yasmin Deliz, have a happy May. See you next month, and remember, stay kind.


Four Fold Breath: Solar and Lunar application

Like a snow flake, each day differs from the previous or the next. Each day enters with its own challenges, benefits, highlights etc. The four fold breath is a foundational exercise intended to help bring awareness, and an initial acknowledgment to the process of spiritual alchemy; to which there are many roads. Moving forward with the Four Fold Breath, it is time to add visuals.

Four Fold Breath Solar Application.:

  • Imagine the bright midday sun. Inhale for a count of four. While you inhale envision the sun’s rays entering your body from all sides.

  • Hold the breath four counts. As you hold, as clearly as possible, imagine the sun’s energy compacted inside your body. Bright and gold.

  • Exhale for a count of four and imagine the sun’s energy expelling through every pore of your body and engulfing you like an egg shell.

  • Hold the breath for another four count. Imagine the sun’s energy-shell as it radiates and expands all around you. Watch it grow in diameter as you hold the breath. See it grow gradually to encompass outer-space.

  • Repeat as many times as you like., then balance the work with the Lunar breath (below).

Four Fold Breath Lunar Application:

  • Imagine the moon, big beautiful, bright. Inhale for a count of four. As you inhale imagine lunar energy fills your body. See it enter as you inhale.

  • Hold the breath for a count of four while imagining the moon’s energy inhabiting the body

  • Exhale the lunar energy for a count of four. As you do so “see” the moon’s energy/light expel from your every pore and encapsulate you.

  • Hold the breath for a count of four and allow for the lunar energy to grow vast gradually encompassing outer-space. It expands and expands as you hold.

  • Do this for as many repetitions as you feel good about. Preferably as many times as you did the Solar.

For the month of April, do this as many times as possible. This exercise can be done at home, in the park, on public transportation. There is no real limit to when or where you can do the exercise so long as your attention isn’t required elsewhere. It is recommended to do the solar and lunar application side by side. One balances the other. Also, it is recommended to keep a journal with a “study” on how the exercise may be affecting you. In this way the results are more notable and concrete.

This is Yasmin Deliz, have a happy April. See you next month, and remember, stay kind.

First Spiritual Exercise: Four Fold Breath.

When preparing to take on an exercises for spiritual development it is key to keep the following in mind:

1. The exercise has to be given the room to take on its own shape or expression.

2. If you decide to undertake an exercise it is recommend to make a journal entry every time you complete the exercise, for the period of time you implement the exercise. Feel free to use any mode of artistic expression, it need not be only a journal entry. What art speaks most to you? do that after you do your exercise, and if at all possible also write about it.

Leniency for self expression allows freedom, freedom to experience your truths. Its important to not judge the process, but to acknowledge it. What the journal will help do is bring the effects of the exercise to your conscious awareness, in a more palpable way. As you write about the experience of the exercise—how your thoughts and emotions evolve etc, you will sense in a visceral way how the exercise works for you. An exercise for spiritual development benefits from flowing freely, therefore every exercise has its inherent stages. Furthermore, every body’s path is unique, ever-changing and dynamic. With that said, good luck spiritual travelers and enjoy this journey.

The Four Fold Breath.

This exercise is a building block. It builds control and awareness of the breath. This aids in a plethora of areas. Specifically the settling and awareness of thoughts, and awareness of the silence within. It is said “silence is the song of the soul.” Do this exercise for the month, April I will add another component to this exercise.

Let’s begin.

1. begin by sitting comfortably and in an aware manner,

2. close your eye, or not. Whatever feels most comfortable.

3. Inhale for a count of four.

4. Hold the breath for four counts.

5. Exhale for four counts.

6. Hold for four counts.

It can be done for one, ten, or more minutes, your practice of this exercise will evolve. Good luck spiritual travelers and enjoy this journey.

Caution needs Caution. Just trust in your Devotion and do it.

We aught to use caution when it comes to caution. If doubt in your devotional characteristics seeps in, walk it out gently, and continue on your way. Spiritual devotion is often times tumultuous, and well worth every bump. Don’t fret, trust in yourself, and your good intentions (which ever is easier). That trust will help you on your path . For those of us who are on a self-declared path to spiritual development, devotion to our SELF can lead us toward an optimal direction. Be devoted, do what you do, and feel your devotion alive and growing. Do it everyday (don’t hide it). Also, think about the people around you who are part of your process. Care for your friends, family, people you meet. Try to not judge them; judgment boomerangs back around to the judge, and can get in the way of the connection to self and that trust in self we are speaking of. Discernment is different than judgment, use it wisely. Remain consistent, and respect everybody’s process. If you care to, it helps to strengthen, and cleanse the body through meditation, imagination exercises (I’ll write on this topic on next months post), prayer and exaltation. A good practice is to put good things into the body, mind, and spirit: what you read, what you eat, your sleep, your work, hobbies, etc (all influence you). Your self-devotion will lead you to the life you seek. It takes time be sure of it. Time rules, it wont be beat. So lastly, let time do its thing.

The Two Track mind.

Let us get right to it. My studies on psychology are really taking me on a lovely wild ride, and I would love you to share the experience with me. Imagine yourself on a flying magic carpet. We are going to take a quick but sweet ride through the “dual track mind.” This following quote is from Psychology 1: Exploring Psychology (college text book) by David Myers and C.Nathan De Wall. These gentlemen share exciting knowledge on the human brain and mind. After contemplating on this short article feel free to share your thoughts. You can also find me on instagram. Link on sidebar.

“80 to 90 percent of what we do is unconscious,” says Nobel Laureate and memory expert Eric Kandel (2008). We are understandably inclined to believe that our intentions and deliberate choices rule our lives. But, consciousness, though enabling us to exert voluntary control and to communicate our mental states to others, is but the tip of the information-processing iceberg. Being intensely focused on an activity (such at reading this chapter we’d love to think) increases your total brain activity no more than 5 percent above its base line rate. And even when you rest, activity whirls inside your head (Raichle, 2010) (p.86).

According to Myers and DeWall “perception, memory, thinking, language, and attitudes all operate on two levels” (p. 85). They explain, the mind operates on two tracks— the high or reflective track, and the low intuitive track. Hence the nickname dual-track mind. Here is a quote by Myers on the lower-intuitive mind (borrowed from a de Gelder statement made in 2010).

The dual-track mind also appeared in a patient who lost all of his left visual cortex, leaving him blind to objects and faces presented on the right side of his field of vision. He nevertheless could sense the emotion expressed in faces which he did not consciously perceive… Such findings suggest that brain areas below the cortex are processing emotion-related information” (p.85).

This implies that the human eye serves other senses. Sight is not its only talent. The eye also has the potential to surmise (without the aid of actual sight) what emotion or attitude another person is emitting. They also share that the brain “is a device for converting consciousness into unconscious knowledge” (p. 85). The brain processes consciousness bidirectionally. It takes conscious experience, and hands it over to the unconscious, and it take unconscious experience and delivers it to the conscious mind. The magic ride is descending, hold on, breath rhythmically, and imagine a smooth landing while reading the next quote. “ How the synchronized activity produces awareness— how matter makes mind— remains a mystery” (85).

The implications of this information, published in our college texts—hidden in plain sight — are amazing. For those of us who feel excitement over such findings and over the findings yet to be found on the nature of the human psyche the pasture is green.

Consider this

Think with your heart, feel with your mind. Do you find yourself sincerely attempting to expand your talents inward? Trying to listen to that seed of intuition while not fogging it-up? The old adage “Feel with your heart, and think with the mind” sounds logical. Yet, William Meader advises us “Think with your heart, feel with your mind.”